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8” Cake Packaging


Octagonal and Round Square Lids
Nuconic’s 8” cake packaging has two different dome designs available.  Both feature excellent clarity and strength and a solid dome-to-base lock.  The cake base is available in clear or black.

These BPA-free plastic cake containers show off your bakery products to their best advantage, while providing protection during shipping and handling.

Nuconic Packaging has received an “A” rating from BRC on global standards for food safety.

Item Case Count  Color Shape Diam. Height Fluid Oz.
10" Signature Domes
10-400-S 220 Clear Round 9.75 4
10-425-S 220 Clear Round 9.75 4.25
10-475-S 220 Clear Round 9.75 4.75
10" Fluted Domes
10-175 100 Clear Round 9.75 1.75
10-35 200 Clear Round 9.75 3.5
10-40 200 Clear Round 9.75 4
10-50 200 Clear Round 9.75 5
Bases for 10" Domes
10-B 200 Black Round 9.75    
10-C 220 Clear Round 9.75    
Cone Bases for 10" Domes
10-BB* 220 Black Round 9.75    
10-CB* 220 Black Round 9.75    
10-SB* 220 Black Round 9.75    

*Note: Cone diameter and height below.

Cone Bases for 10" Domes (Details on Cones)
  Top Cone Diameter Btm Cone Diameter Cone Height
10-BB 2.7 3.2 2
10-CB 2.1 2.9 2
10-SB 1.5 2 2


Available in Bulk or Combo-Pack
*superb clarity
*solid dome -to- base lock
* Excellent strength




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Winkler Plastic Rebrands as Nuconic Packaging

Nuconic Packaging Appoints Francisco Diaz as Director of Operations and Engineering

Nuconic Packaging Receives a BRC "A" Rating on Global Standard for Food Safety

Nuconic Packaging Adds Top Notch Customer Service Manager to Team

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